About Sensor Partners

For over 30 years leading in contactless measurement

Sensor Partners is a leading supplier in sensors and thermal imaging cameras. Sensor Partners mainly supplies contactless sensors, so that our customers can measure, detect, monitor and position better. Furthermore, Sensor Partners supplies the total thermographic product range from thermalcamera.shop . Our products contribute to the efficiency and reliability of automated (industrial) processes. Sensor Partners works exclusively with A-quality suppliers, such as: Z-Laser, Microsonic, Telco Sensors, Haake Technik, Sensor Instruments and FLIR. Together with our partners we work for the most prominent national and international oriented companies. The customer base of Sensor Partners stretches itself all across the world.

Het team van Sensor

Our mission

Improve the performance and processes of our customers by offering them the right sensor solution and supporting them with appropriate advice.

Our vision

Sensor Partners aims to earn and uphold the reputation as a reliable and respected authority in the area of sensors, measurement equipment and related services. By developing, inspire and cherish our involved staff of experts, we strive to supply products and services that surpass the expectations of the customer.

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Core values

As a company with 30 years of experience, we stand for quality and continuity, innovative strength and developing a close, personal relationship with both customers and staff. Dedication and a willingness to improve is the precondition for achieving joint success.

Organization structure

Started in 1991 as a family business, now grown into an international company. Sensor Group is part of the Swedish company Indutrade since 2019.

Sensor Group

Sensor Partners was used to be part of the parent organization Sensor Group, including Sensor BV and Vision Partners The Sensor Groep was founded in 2014. Sensor BV had the focus on thermography and Vison Partners on machine vision. Since july 2022, Sensor Groep is discontinued and Sensor BV and Sensor Partners have continued under the name Sensor Partners. Vision Partners will remain the sister company of Sensor Partners.


As of July 24, 2019, Sensor Partners is part of the Indutrade Group. Indutrade is an international industrial group of companies which sells technical (niche) products. The Indutrade companies offer solutions for efficiency, process- and quality improvement. The Indutrade Group is growing steadily through the acquisition of well-run and profitable companies. In the meantime Indutrade consists of over 200 companies. Of which more than twenty are active in the Benelux.

Sensor BV fuseerd met Sensor Partners

As a Platinum Partner of FLIR, Sensor BV supplied the total product range of thermography. This involves more than just a thermographic camera. Besides training and education, Sensor BV also offers the FLIR service from a small update up to a complete calibration. With thermal imaging cameras it is possible to track down water leaks, to see pipes and underfloor heating running, To inspect an electrical box or solar panels, to detect a thermal bridge and draft, to detect mechanical hotspots or gas leaks or to map the energy loss of your house.  Per 1 juli 2022 zet SENSOR BV deze diensten door onder de noemer Sensor Partners.