elevators access technology

Automated access technology

Sensor Partners has a wide range of sensors especially for access technology. Our sensors are characterized by industrial quality and reliability. The sensors are used for lifts, gates, industrial doors and barriers and escalators, among other things.

Security of animal enclosures

The HST trapped key interlock systems from Haake are used to get safe access to dangerous environments in the animal enclosures. This way, employees are always able to carry out their work and visitors should not have to fear for stray animals.

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Security revolving doors

With the safety edges from Haake, you are able to secure revolving doors and tourniquets. Every contact of a body part or object with doors ensures that it stops immediately to prevent damage and injuries.

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Security hangar doors and theater stages

With the safety bumpers from Haake you are able to secure big installations, such as hangar doors and theater stages. Every contact with a body part, object or vehicle can be timely detected after which the door will immediately and automatically stop.

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With especially developed light grid from Telco Sensors it is possible to secure elevators against every form of contact with people, objects and animals. With radar sensors you are even able to detect movement in the area of the elevators to then open the doors.

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Vehicle detection in parking lot

With ultrasonic sensors or radar sensors it is possible to detect vehicles to indicate whether a parking spot is full or empty in a garage. This is passed to the central system which then indicates how many spots are still free in the garage.

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Speeddeuren en overheaddeuren

High-speed doors & Overhead doors

High-speed doors & Overhead doors are reliably secured with the broad choice of sensor solutions in our product range. At arrival, vehicles are detected for a correct positioning and people and objects are detected during the loading and unloading of goods to prevent contact with the doors.

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Escalators (radar)

The SpaceMotion radar sensors from Telco Sensors are suited for the detection of movement around escalators. Only when a person or object is approaching the escalator, will the escalator be switched on after detection of the sensor, to save on power.

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