The sensors of Sensor Partners are excellent to use in applications in the transport industry. Examples of applications in the transport industry are collision prevention, observing and controlling of (rail)roads, temperature measurements with asphalt laying and the positioning of automated warehouse vehicles. These sensore are exposed to industrial environmental influences such as dust and dirt. In outside applications, the sensors are dealing with several weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. The sensors in our product range are capable to resist the challenging circumstances and thereby deliver a accurate and reliable solution for your transport applications.

Sensors in rollercoasters

The robust and water-resistent stainless steel housing of the SM9000 photoelectric sensors are suited to be deployed as sensors in rollercoasters and other attractions where they are exposed to challenging conditions.

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Switch detection on railroads

With an industrial distance laser it is possible to perform a reliable distance measurement in the direction of an approaching switch on the railroads. This way, measurement trains and trial trans can accurately observe and control the rails.

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Detection in public transport

In public transport such as in busses and trains, light grids can be installed in the (sliding) doors which offer full and reliable protection for people, objects and animals during the entry and exit phase.

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