Laser projections during the production of walls and ceilings

With laser projectors from Z-Laser it is possible to perform accurate laser projection during the production of walls and ceilings and therefore creating more overview of the big working area which is used during the process.
Application production concrete walls and ceilings

Tricky to keep an overview during the production of walls and ceilings

Walls and ceilings are made from prefabricated concrete in factories. This process takes up a lot of space and it is thus tricky to keep an overview of the different production steps. This results in inefficiencies and less productivity on the work floor. Performing laser projections during the production of walls and ceilings with laser projectors ensures more overview during the process.

Laser projectors ensure a better workflow in big factories

Laser projectors are capable to project a large area. This way all components/parts can be easily and fastly placed. Two or more laser projectors are mounted above the work space. In combination with the software the projectors are integrated in the system with as a result a better workflow. Via a laser menu there is the possibility to monitor the system and then controlling the lasers to project certain functions on the desired surface. Moreover the system can be controlled manually with a remote. Laser projections improve and fasten every step in the production process of prefabricated concrete. The result is a decreased preparation time, fast and accurate quality checks and cost reduction by error prevention.

The LP-HFD2 series are precise laser projectors from Z-Laser suitable for laser projections during wall and ceiling production. The projectors with an opening angle of 80° or 60°, has the ability to project multiple colors simultaneously on a surface (green, yellow and red) and is standard suitable for projection distances from 50 cm to 7 meters. When even greater distances need to be covered, the Tele version is available with a distance of up to 14 meters. There is also the option of a built-in cooler for high-temperature applications up to 60°.

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