Automatically turning the tap on/off or flushing in public restrooms

The difffuse proximity sensors from Telco Sensors are due to the high excess gain, the IP67 protection degree and the discrete built-in suited for the automatic switching on and off of the tap or flushing on public restrooms.
Modern sinks in public toilet with automatic water switching system.

Improving hygiene in public restroomsre improve toilets

Hygiene has become an important theme in the last couple of years. This also applies to restrooms which are accessible for everyone. Public restrooms are located in for example airports, in the horeca, in public transport, etc. Because of the increasing hygiene norms and value it is more and more common that actions in public restrooms are carried out automatically and contactless. Think for example of automatically turning the tap on/off or flushing. This ensures more hygiene in the use of restrooms. Moreover, automatic and contactless actions are more user-friendly in for example (fast)-driving vehicles in the public transport.

Diffuse proximity photoelectic sensors from Telco Sensors

To able to automatically carrying out these actions, diffuse proximity sensors are used. These disffuse proximity photoelectric sensors are built-in discretely behind a wall or plate for flushing as well as for turning the tap on/off. The sensors then perform a reliable detection of a present person. After that an action is automatically carried out without the need for a hand of the specific person.

The SMP 8500 MG J is a diffuse proximity sensor in a stainless steel M18 housing suited for improving the hygiene in public restrooms. The sensor has a range up to 50 cm. The round optics, the high excess gain and the IP67 protection degree ensure a high insensitivity against water and dirt. Thus ideal when the sensors are installed behind a wall where dust and moist can accumulate. The sensor has furthermore a potentiometer for the configuration. Finally this sensor is equipped with a PNP (NO+NC) switching output and a 4-pin M12-connector.

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