Laser projections for battery assembly

Battery assembly is a crucial step in the production of electric vehicles. The use of laser projectors can provide significant benefits to the efficiency, quality and safety of the process.
Battery Assembly

1. A laser projector shows the exact screw positions on the battery housing. After a robot tightens the screws, the laser projector helps correct errors. This saves considerable time and ensures quality and product safety.
2. Welding battery cells: Laser projectors can be used to provide visual support for accurate welding of the various components of a battery cell. Laser projectors offer advantages such as high accuracy, minimal heat input and fast processing times when welding, providing a reliable joint without damage to the battery materials.
3. Electrode plate cutting: Laser projectors can be used to cut electrode plates to size for battery assembly. The high precision and controllability of the laser beam ensure accurate cuts. This makes it possible to produce electrode plates with the exact dimensions and shapes for different battery designs.
4. Marking and identification processes: Laser projectors on batteries project serial numbers, bar codes or other identifying information during the process. This facilitates traceability during the assembly process and allows individual batteries to be tracked throughout the process.

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