Color measurement of T-shirts through the plastic foil

With color sensors from Sensor Instruments it is possible to consistently determine the color of a t-shirt, even looking through the transparent package.
Color measurement of packaged T-shirts through transparent film

Transparency is a limitation for the detection of colored T-shirts

It is important that in every package a product is present. Such as with the distribution of T-shirts it is important that the right color is in the package. These T-shirts are available in many different colors. Especially T-shirts with those colors are hard to detect. Often these shirts are packed in a transparent foil. Because of the transparency it is difficult to detect the T-shirts through this. This can be solved to perform a color measurment through the transparent foil.

Color sensor ensure a consistency when measuring color values regardless of the transparent foil

Color sensors which are used for the detection of the color are equipped with an (integrated) light source. This light source makes sure that objects and in this case the T-shirts are always illuminated in the same way causing the measured color value to always be consistent.

With the SPECTRO-3-30-POL this color measurement of T-shirts through the transparent foil can be carried out. The transparent foil consists of a high gloss which could complicate the color measurment. With the POL optic, a polarisation filter is applied on the light source as well as on the receiver to measure straight through the high gloss. The distance from the sensor to the T-shirts is approximately 80 mm with an opening angle of 30°.

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