Detection for pallet transport

The SG2 licht grids from Telco Sensors is able to monitor whether a cargo with products on a pallet is shifting or inclining/ leaning forward during internal transport and thereby preventing damage and injuries.

Applicatie van pallettransport

Moving or inclining of cargo during transport

During the internal transport of pallets with cargo it could happen that the load will move or incline / will hang forwards. Think of moving cardboard boxes, or boxes which collapse from the middle of the pile. This is most common when the pallet arrives at the end point, the cargo is to heavy or wrongly loaded or while braking. The moment the pallet then moves into an elevator or storage, this could result for the cargo to topple or get stuck. This could lead to damage to the packaged product or material, but also to injuries of employees.

The SG2 performs a reliable detection of the cargo on the pallet before transport

The application of the Telco Sensor SG2 light grid can prevent the above problems. With this could be detected if the cargo is hanging forward compared to the position of the pallet.

The SG2 light grid is a cost efficient light grid with a profile height of 2 meter and crossed beams with a beam spacing of 45 mm. Now, a high cargo of 2 meter could be monitored for incline. The advanced AST (Automatic Signal Tracking) makes it very easy to install the emitter/receiver. Accurate alignment is in that case not nessecary. The sensitivity is automatically set up per channel on the received amount of light of the emitter. Via the solid-state output, it is possible to process the switching contact in all kinds of controllers and PLCs.

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