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Detection solutions with area sensors from the BX series

De BX-series area sensors are able to perform a reliable detection in automated production- and packing processes under challenging environmental conditions.

Automation of production and packaging processes

There are endless application thinkable for the automation of production- and wrapping processes where the presence, position, quantity or dimensions of a product should be detected. Such as in production lines or on a conveyor belt. Products pass through in various materials, shapes, dimensions and colors. Few examples are:

  • Washing, sorting, cutting and wrapping of vegetables, fruit and nuts.
  • Sawing and processing of wooden beams, logs or sheet metal.
  • Filling and stickering of plastic bottles, glassware, jerrycans or cans.
  • Cutting and waltz of metal sheets
  • Transporting, dividing and positioning of wrapped foods.

In these applications is often worked in challenging environments. Think in this case of the next environmental factors:

  • The objects pass with high speeds
  • High level of moist or even water and/or cleaners.
  • Dust- and dirt buildup
  • Explosion hazardous environments (ATEX-environment)
  • High-intensity light sources, welders or heating elements.

Area sensor for a reliable detection countless situations

To solve these challenges, the area sensors of the BX series from Micro Detectors is in many situations a fitting solution. These area sensors are compact light grids which are capable of performing a relaible detection, also when influenced by the environmental factors named above. The BX04/BX10/BX80 from Micro Detectors exists of a seperate emitter and receiver in a compact profile, available in profile heights starting at 90 mm and a channel spacing of 10 mm. The BX80 has a profile height of 70 mm and a channel spacing of just 6 mm. Furthermore a choice can be made in the working distance and how the sensor are connected electronically.

At last, some models from the BX series have extra functions which could simplify the detection in challenging environments. Think here of a test-input, air-cooling, electrical synchronization, anti interference filters, or models with a IP69K protection degree or ATEX certificate. Our product specialists are able to help you to make the right choice!

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