With especially developed light grid from Telco Sensors it is possible to secure elevators against every form of contact with people, objects and animals. With radar sensors you are even able to detect movement in the area of the elevators to then open the doors.
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Monitoring of elevator doors and environment

With elevators security is very important. Damage and injuries to persons, animals or objects beacuse they get stuck between the elevator doors should be prevented. For this, constant monitoring of presence around the elevators is very important. Only if a person, animal or object are completely in the elevator than it can close. In this way, you prevent that when you want to enter the elevator with a dog on a leash and the dog is already in the elevator. Than the elevator closes which could lead to (severe) accidents.

By using light grids in the elevator doors this safety can be guaranteed. To detect the area all around the elevator(s), a radar sensor can be used. You see this in places where multiple elevator doors are present next to each other and where people walk from one door to the other.

Light grids and radar sensors

The SG1, SG2 and SG11 are light grids from Telco Sensors which are developed specially to perform a detection of passing people, animals or objects in a elevator. The light grids for person elevators and freight elevators from Telco Sensors meet moreover the Belgium KB and are conform to the EN 81-20 norm.

SG2 series from Telco Sensors

The SG2 series lends itself for renovation and is available with a profile height of 2 meter. So everything that walks in and out of the elevator is detected by the light grid. In this series we make a distinction between a leading edge and a slim line. Besides the standard model with automatic synchronization solid state relais you can also choose for a version with electronical synchronization or an OSE- output. 

SG11 series from Telco Sensors

The SG11 is one of the first generation light grids from Telco Sensors that is developed for elevators. the big advantages of this light grid is the bigger profile height. the SG11 can be delivered up to 4 meter high. At theater podia this could be handy to use. Another advantage is that the SG11 has a range of 5 meter in contrast to the SG1/SG2 which only have a range of 4 meter.

Price-wise is the SG2 always the most interesting against the SG11. So if price is an important matter the SG2 is the most suitable. Furthermore, the SG1/ SG2 is because of the patented AST system resistant to strange light which enters the elevator. For example in glass elevators or at a train station is strange light present

SGC Control box and LED-indication

With older elevators it could be the case that the light grids are not directly connected to the control unit of the elevator. For example because of the absence of 24 Vdc. For this there is the possibility to use a control box (SGC-1 or SGC-11), where 230 Vdc is converted to 24 Vdc. This control box has a relais output by which a relais is switched and connected to stop system of the elevator. The control box SGC is thereby a good addition to the controlling system of the elevator.  

Finally, there are elevators without cage closure and where a door should be pushed open to leave the elevator. For this it is important that you open the door only when the elevator is in the right place. Herefore LED indication can be applied. This is available in the colors red and green. If the elevator is going up it is red. As soon the lights are green, the doors can be pushed open.  

Radar sensors from Telco Sensors

The SpaceMotion from Telco Sensors is a doppler radar sensor that is suitable to detect movement in a defined area all around the elevator. Because of the use of micro waves and because of the compact housing is this sensor suitable to be placed behind a plastic wall. In this way they are mounted completely out of sight.

The range of the radar sensor is classified in 'low speed and 'high speed' zones for fast- and slow moving objects. The distance distribution of these zones, but also the maximum range of the sensor itself is adjustable from 0 to 100%. Background suppression can also be set to filter out continuous motion objects,.

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