Fall detection of product in vending machine

The CST-539 is an area sensor specifically developed for the detection of the falling product in vending machines due to a discreet installation and reliable performance.
fall detection in vending machine with spindles

Vending machines check whether a selected product has ended up in the dispenser

A vending machine is a machine which after payment delivers a chosen product. Vending machines are often placed in a spot where the equipment of a manned selling point of sale is not possible or profitable or is used as an addition on manned point of sale.

In vending machines of for example candy the product is placed in a spiral dispenser. After throw-in of the correct amount and the selection of the product code the motorized spiral turns a bit. Then the product falls into the dispenser. With soft drink machines the can of bottle falls mostly after pressing the desired button. There are also machines with a slider which goes up where the can or bottle fals into. After this, the slider goes down, so that the desired product can be grabbed out of the dispenser.

When using a vending machine it is important that the selected product always ends up in the dispenser. Detection of the falling product is essesntial here. If no detection is done, because for example the product got stuck, the vending machine should be given a notification of this. 

An area sensor in compact housing for a discreet installation in vending machines

Specifically for vending machines Micro Detectors had developed the CST-539 area sensor. The CST is a light grid with an emitter and receiver in a very compact housing. The light grid is built-in discretely, so it is not seen by the user yet all falling products are detected consistently. During the development of the CST the performance and cost efficiency were the main focus. Optimal detection characteristics specifically for this application, such as the fall speed and object size in combination with a beneficial prize with serial production and purchase.

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