The inspection of frosted glass plates with a gloss measurement

With a gloss sensor you are able to inspect frosted glass plates for glossy spots, so that less products are turned down and the quality of end products increases.
Glossy spots on the frosted glass plates

Monitoring small glossy spots on frosted glass plates

Frosted glass plates are used for example in flatscreen tv's, with solar panels, etc. These products require a high quality of materials. During the production these plates are monitored to inspect small glossy spots on the frosted surface to guarantee this quality. These spots should be detected and then be corrected. The inspection consists of a gloss measurement on the frosted glass plates. With a gloss sensor from Sensor Instruments, glossy spots from 3 mm are detected. After this these spots are edited. This results in less turned-down products, a higher quality of the plates and better end products.

Gloss sensor for an inline-inspection of frosted glass plates

The RLS-GD-15/60° is a gloss sensor from Sensor Instruments which is capable to inspect the glossy spots on the frosted glass plates. This sensor measures inline the gloss value of materials (>10GU – <70GU) with a range of 15 mm. This measured value has a tolerance of +/- 10%. Furthermore the sensor has 2 analog outputs (0 - 10 V or 4 - 20 mA) and 5 digital outputs with which up to 31 gloss values can be teached-in. The sensor is provided with a RS232 interface for communicating the data.

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