Height detection of truck at a bridge or tunnel

In our product range there a couple of sensor solutions available that are able to perform a height detection of a truck to check whether it can fit under a bridge or tunnel and thereby preventing any accidents.
Height detection truck at a bridge or tunnel

Tipper of truck is still open

A truck moves materials from place A to B day in day out. If a destination is reached the materials should be unloaded on a construction site. Then the truck is picking up a new cargo. However it is possible that the driver of the truck forgets that the cargo box, also called tipper, of the truck is still in tilt position when leaving the construction site. This causes dangerous situations of even accidents.

To prevent dat a truck or tipper crashes against a bridge, tunnel, or viaduct on its way a height detection of the trucks is done to check if they can pass under the tunnel. This can be solved with distance lasers or with a photoelectric transmitter/receiver sensor series.

Photoelectric sensors of Telco Sensors

The SMT 9070C TS 15 and the SMR 9270 TS 15 are an emitter and reveiver photoelectic sensor combination from Telco Sensors which is capable of performing a reliable height detection of a truck at a bridge or tunnel. The photoelectric sensors have a big restistance for harsh weather conditions, such as snow, frost, rain and wind due to the stainless steel housing and IP69K protection degree of the SM9000 sensors. The sensors moreover have a big range up to 70 meter and thus excellently applicable near bridges and tunnels with broad roads.

If it is possible to position a sensor on both sides, a transmitter/receiver can be used. The SM9000 series of Telco Sensors is eminently suited and very budget friendly. For example to use at a bridge, tunnel or viaduct. The SM9000 series is known that this sensor:

  • Has sunlight immunity (up to 100K Lux);
  • Can cover big distances, up to 70 meter;
  • Has very high fog tolerance;
  • is reliable with snow, hail and rain.

In this way, ideal for detecting of a high vehicle that could cause for problems.

LAM distance lasers from Sensor Partners

The LAM 71.101 is also a very fast and compact industrial distance laser. This sensor delivers unique performances and detects the open cargo box of the tipper needless, also at higher speeds. This sensor can furthermore detect a truck directly at 70 meter in proximity mode (so without reflector). In this way, a wider passage can be monitored. With the IP67 protection degree the sensor can be used in the open air on and around the construction site. Furthermore the sensor still functions in cold circumstances, up to tot -40 °C! Additional advantage is laser class 1, so eye safe.

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