Inspection of plastic layer of coating on packaging

With a gloss sensor it is possible to determine whether every product package is provided with a layer of plastic coating. This way, the packaging tears off less quickly and they will be better protected against water.

Monitoring the protective layer of coating on packages

Products and packages made of paper, cardboard or metal often have a layer of coating. This layer is of plastic, such as on a cardboard drink package. This layer is often equiped with such a plastic coating. The benefits of a coated product is that it protects the packaging against water, it is hard to shred, the package is wearing out less rapidly, etc. So it is important that a constant inspection of plastic layer of coating on packaging is carried out.

Gloss measurements distinguishes the coated from the uncoated products

During the production, you would like to guarantee that all products and packaging is equiped with such a layer of coating. This is possible with performing a gloss measurement. With this the uncoated products are distinguished from the coated products and when necessary could be removed from the production line.

The GLOSS-15-60° is a gloss sensor that is able to carry out the inspection of the plastic layer of coating on packaging. This sensor is placed 15 mm from the products or packages. The sensor determines the gloss factor of the surface. Furthermore, the sensor can be teached-in with the software of Windows. It is possible to teach up to 7 gloss values, depending on the application. If a deviant gloss value is noted, the system will notice this and could then remove the package from the production. This sensor also has a RS232 interface available and is equiped with a 0-10 Vdc and a 4-20 mA analog output.

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