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Invisible detection of packaging

The emitter/receiver photoelectric sensors from Telco Sensors are thanks to its enormous power able to look through a plastic conduction on a conveyor and then count passing product packaging.
Invisible detection of product packaging on a conveyor belt with photocells from Telco Sensors

Consistent detection of transparent products that pass by on a conveyor

The emitter / receiver photoelectric sensors from Telco Sensors have an enormous power. Therefore these are capable to see through for example a plastic conduction of a conveyor. Despite the reduction of the amount of received light, the photoelectric sensor combination is still capable of counting product packaging consistently, which pass through on the conveyor.

Discreet installation of photoelectric sensors for an invisible detection of packaging

In this way, the photoelectric sensors are able to be fully eliminated in the application both mechanical and cosmetic. In some detection applications with conveyors, the photoelectric sensors are sensitive for damage, because someone accidentally bumped into them, or cables are pulled out. Making the sensors invisible in the application also helps when the conveyor needs to be cleaned thorougly under high pressure and with chemicals.

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