Level measurements in silos with Atex-environment

An SP LAM distance laser in an Atex housing is suitable for performing level measurement in silos for the storage of dusty products that pose a risk of explosion.

Measuring the level of dusty products in a hazardous environment with a distance laser

When dusty products are stored in a silo we can speak of an Atex zone 20, 21 or 22. It is important to know at what level the silos are. The silos can be very high. To be able to measure the level in the silos, it has to meet the concerning Atex certifications and the measuring distance should be adequate. A suitable solution for level measurements is the Atex SP LAM distance laser.

Furthermore it is possible to work with an ultrasonic sensor (up to 8 meter) or a SPTF Time of Flight sensor (up to 15 meter).  

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