Level measurement of IBC containers

A wireless radar sensor is suited to carry out level measurements up to a maximum of 5 meter and thereby monitoring the level of IBC containers with AdBlue, chlore or cleaning products.

IBC container strap on system

Monitoring the level of AdBlue, chlorine and detergents

An IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) container is used to transport and store liquids and solids. IBC containers can be used in a variety of industries. Consider the storage of granulates (granular materials) or liquids such as water, AdBlue, chlorine, detergents, etc. The liquid level of these IBC containers must therefore be monitored. This is to prevent them from not being empty and bringing a production process to a halt. In addition, many suppliers have SLA agreements on the fill level of IBC containers. Based on the data, the ideal driving route can be determined for the driver. Monitoring is solved through wireless level measurement of IBC containers. A wireless radar sensor from Sensor Partners is a suitable solution here. With a strap on system, the wireless sensor can be attached to the IBC container.

Wirelessly measuring levels with radar sensors

The WLR05-2G/001 is a wireless radar sensor. This one is specifically used for level measurements up to a maximum of 5 meter, with an accuracy of 2 mm. This sensor is able to constantly monitor the level of the IBC container. The wireless radar sensors work with GPS functionalities and transmit data over 2G/ 4G networks. Thus, this IOT radar can be used in remote locations or places. Moreover, the battery of the radar sensor has a lifetime of over 5 years without any maintenance. In addition, the sensor has an IP68 sealing rating, a wide temperature range (-40°C ... +60°C) and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Sharing data on the safe online Cloud platform

Furthermore, with the safe online Cloud platform the data can be shared with users. As an administrator of the IBC containers you have the complete control of the business processes with warnings, reports, etc.

An alternative is the wired LRT20AO20/200N from Sensor Partners. This is a radar sensor with analog 4-20 mA output. Suited for communication with a local PLC. This radar sensor is excellently capable of doing a level measurement of IBC containers up to a maximum of 20 meter and with an accuracy of 2 mm or better. This sensor can be deployed if there is no direct neccessity for a wireless sensor in the application.

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