Wireless level measurements of the water level

With a wireless radar sensor you are able to carry out level measurements up to a maximum of 5 meter and thereby monitor the water level at rivers, streams, trenches, etc.
Water level measurement

Monitoring water levels essential for the safety in the environment

The monitoring of water levels is of big importance for the safety of people, animals and buildings. The moment that it is noted that the water level is too high, measures should be taken. It is therefore important that the water level of rivers, streams, ditches, etc. is constantly monitored. This can be solved with a level measurement of the water level. However, at rivers, streams it is very tricky to set up wired sensors and connect them to a computer or other medium. The wireless radar sensors of Staal Instruments function via GPS or 2G connectivity and are therefore easy to use at locations and places where the wired sensor are not able to perform..

Wireless radar sensor for monitoring at rivers, streams and ditches

The WLR05-2G/001 is a wireless radar sensor. This one is specifically used for level measurements up to a maximum of 5 meter, with an accuracy of 2 mm. This sensor is capable to constantly monitor the water level at rivers, streams, ditches, etc. The battery of the radar sensor has moreover a life expectancy of over 5 years without any maintenance. Furthermore, the sensor has an IP68 protection degree, a big temperature range (-40°C … +60°C) and is applicable in a big range of applications.

With the safe online Cloud platform the data can be shared with users. As user you have the complete control of the business processes with warnings, reports, etc.

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