Metal inspection with a color measurement on metal tubes

Metals are often high-gloss materials which makes it hard to detect or measure these. With a color sensor it is possible to distinguish color differences on metal tubes.
Color measurement of metal pipes

High gloss materials complicated to detect

Metals are often high gloss materials. That makes it complicated to detect and measure these. Besides performing a color measurement on metal tubes, you could control for example the gloss factor of a metal surface. For this, a GLOSS sensor is necessary. This sensor determines the gloss factor and if it is equally divided on the surface. In this way, the quality of metal tubes can be inspected and guaranteed.

Distinction between a colored and colorless metal tube

A metal inspection with a color measurement on metal tubes distinguishes a colored and colorless metal tube. This tube has a high gloss, but with a color sensor this could be solved. These color sensors are equipped with an (integrated) light source. This light source makes sure that objects and in this case the metal tubes are always illuminated in the same way so the measured color value is always consistent. Now the coolor of the tubes can be clearly distinguished.

The SPECTRO-3-50-FCL is a color sensor which is suitable for performing a metal inspection with a color measurement on the metal tubes. Because this sensor is provided with an optic with focussed light it is suited for distinguishing a glossy and a non-glossy object. Furthermore, this sensor is capable of measuring colors from bigger distances (up to 150 mm). The distance of the sensor to the tubes is approximately 50 mm. The sensor has a RS232 interface with which the data can be communicated. Lastly, this color sensor is equipped with 5 digital outputs and 1 digital input.

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