Dynamic positioning on de-leafing machines with lasers

De-leafing machines can be provided with positioning lasers or laser projectors which make it easier to position vegetables, often on a conveyor.

sweere de-leafing cauliflower positioning laser

Vegetable cutting machines can be equipped with positioning lasers that make it easier to place vegetables in the right position. Usually, most of these machines are equipped with a conveyor belt over which the vegetables are supplied. A system like this boosts efficiency and productivity.

Positioning of vegetables on a bowl before they are cut

In this application specifically, we discuss the supply of vegetables that have to be placed on bowls. The vegetables in question are cauliflowers that have to be positioned in the middle of the bowl for correct cutting.

Positioning lasers with a cross projection are applied on the conveyor

Positioning is performed while the bowls are moving on the conveyor belt and with the help of positioning lasers. It is best to think of positioning lasers with a cross projection, also known as cross lasers. These are mounted and configured above the conveyor. When the bowl passes under the laser, it will have a cross projection that indicates where the cauliflowers should end up. The projection in this case is static and therefore does not move along with the bowls. Depending on production volume, this is a very capable solution for most applications.

It could prove a challenge when we encounter larger volumes that are fed to the machine at higher speeds. For the same application to function properly it is mandatory to scale up the solution as well. This is where the industrial laser projector comes in. A single positioning laser can only provide one cross projection. But, a laser projector is capable of providing multiple projections of any desired shape! The advantages do not stop there, because the projections can be set as dynamic. So, the projections can move along with the bowls at higher speeds. Larger production volumes lead to larger yields, without compromising on efficiency and precision.


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