Level measurements of powder for medicines

The SS02 series are light grids from Telco Sensors that are able to measure the level of powder in a stacking area to run the production process of medicines as accurately as possible.
Level measurement of powder in pharmacy

Accuracy is of essential importance during the production process of medicines

During the production of medicines it is very important that every step in the proces is carried out accurately. During the process level measurements of the powder are carried out so that the accuracy remains maximum.

Reliably monitoring the level of powder with light grids

By using the SS02 series of light curtains, the level of powder in the stacking area can be detected and measured. However, congestion of the powder can start to arise, because of the weight of the powder and the statistic electricity that is generated during the process. This can cause deviating level measurements. Using specific functions built in the light curtain, the remaining powder is released from the stacking area. In this way, the light curtains can perform the most reliable level measurements.

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