Optimizing industrial work process with laser projections

With laser projectors from Z-Laser, visual help can be granted doing laser projections during the entire production process. This way, the quality can be improved and the production speed can be significantly increased.
Laser projections in the manufacturing industry

Accurate positioning in the entire assembly process

End products consist often of a big number of individual parts which should be assembled step by step. Think for example of the assembling of electronica, the manufacturing of a wind turbine wing, etc.. Initially the mechanics had to do the mounting/ assembling steps in the technical drawings themselves and carry out dimensions manually.

The correct mounting and assembling is crucial for the quality of the end product. The 'first time right' principle applies here. All parts should be well positioned and in the right place. Improving the quality and increase the production speed, that is what it is all about. An additional advantage of using a laser porjector is that steps in the work process are followed.

Laser projectors for perfect visual assistance during all process steps

Using laser projectors from Z-laser visual help is given by doing laser projections of all process steps during the production process. This way, the mechanics can see exactly where parts should be applied or where individual parts shoudl be cut out. The result of using a laser projector is that the production time is significantly reduced. Moreover, mistakes in end products will be prevented.

The ZLP-1 is a compact laser projector from Z-laser which is capable of optimizing industrial work processes by doing 2D or 3D laser projections. With a green or red laser instructions are projected on all parts regardless the colour or structure of the materials. Moreover, text elements can be added, convenient to for example indicate which screws can be used. The operator can easily adjust how many individual projecties are done at the smae time depending on the complexity of the process steps. Also multiple instructions can be projected simultaneously.

The control is done easily with the provided software. ZLP-manager software enables you as producer to do adaptations in the instructions. Extra images, texts or process steps can be added with the help of the ZLP-manager. Finally foot switches can be used to quickly switch to the next laser projections.

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