Counting paper sheets

A RED-110 edge detection sensor from Sensor Instruments is despite overlaps and double edges suited to reliably count paper sheets on a conveyor.
RED-110 paper sheets count application

Overlaps and double edges when counting paper products on a conveyor

Reliably counting paper sheets, bags or newspapers can be a challenge. The sheets of paper with overlaps are transferred on the conveyor. This causes variations in the height of the pile. Many paper products, such as bags, newspapers, magazines and packages have a double edge, which should not be detected. Otherwise a product is counted two times. Another challenge is that multiple media are passing by on the conveyor. With an edge detection sensor or copy counter a 100 percent correct count can be achieved. The production is capable to count paper sheets in a reliable way.

Reliable detection of paper sheets with a edge detection sensor

The solution for this is the RED-110 edge detection sensor, which is a laser sensor that is suitable for counting the paper sheets. The working distance of these sensors is optimal at 110 mm. These sensors furthermore provide a very reliable result and have a high scan frequency, up to 100 kHz. In this way, the sensor can be applied in very fast production lines. The RED sensors are besides that available with a point- or line optic. The sensors are also delivered including software.

To operate well in a production environment, the RED edge detection sensor is equipped with different functions. These make sure of a robust measurement, think of:

  • dirt compensation
  • ambient light compensation
  • automatic adjustment of the laser with changing detection surfaces.
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