Parking big vehicles with positioning lasers

The ZQ1-ML is a special series of high-performance positioning lasers from Z-Laser suited for projecting a line along a dock or garage to ease the parking of big vehicles for the chauffeur.
Parking trucks with positioning lasers

Challenging circumstances when parking at loading docks or garages

Reverse parking of big vehicles such as ambulances, fire engines, trucks, etc. can cause big challenges in some situations. Often the opening of a loading dock or garage is very small and demands high driving skills from the driver. Adding the fact that with bad weather such as rain or snow and in polluted environments where lines on the road are not visible the parking only gets more complicated. A driving error of the driver could have big consequences. Bollards and markings on the road can offer little protection when a truck hits the obstacles. The damage causes high costs. The loading dock can probably not be used for days after an incident.

High-performance positioning lasers for simple parking within the line projections

To solve this there is a unique solution available in the laser market. Two high-performance lasers project a perfect visible line on both ends of the loading dock. In this way, the driver is able to park the truck in an accurate manner within these line projections. A requirement is that the lasers are safe to use near people. All existing lasers on the market with a strong power are however in an unsafe laser class (3R or higher). The Magic Line series solves this by combining the high power of the sensor with a safe laser class (2M).

The ZQ1- ML (Magic-Line) is a high-performance positioning laser from Z-Laser which is capable of projecting a line alongside a loading dock or garage to ensure the parking of big vehicles is easier for the driver. The positioning laser is available with a green or red laser with a power up to 700 mW. This high power in combination with a safe laser class (2M) makes this an unique laser solution and suited in the most challenging positioning applications on the market. The line laser is available with an opening angle of 40º, 60º of 100º. Furthermore the laser has an IP67 protection degree and therefore is resistent against the fierce weather conditions at loading docks and garages. Moreover, the integrated active cooler ensures the continuous regulation of the temperature of the line laser.

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