Positioning of containers with portal cranes

The LASE distance lasers are an excellent solution, even in harsh weather conditions, to position the containers relative to the portal cranes.

It is important to determine the position of sea containers when these need to be picked up by portal cranes. The cotainers have different colors and can be polluted, rusted and wet. Laser distance sensors measure the distance from portal crane to container.

The reliable measurements of the Lase 1000D-T and Lase 1000D-R are a suitable solution and help position the container relative to the portal cranes. These lasers are suited for challenging weather conditions. Furthermore, the lasers provide the possibility to communicate via different interfaces to make the process simpler. anti-collision.

Roeland van Meijl

Laser specialist

Roeland van Meijl

Personal advice on positioning containers with gantry cranes?

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