Positioning overhead cranes

The emitter/receiver photoelectric sensors from Telco Sensors are able to perform a reliable positioning of the overhead cranes towards the traverser despite the challenging industrial conditions.

Positionering bovenloopkraan boven Traversewagen

Positioning of cranes above the traverser for internal transport

An overhead crane in a production environment can be used to supply materials. Think for example of concrete, water or other building materials. This offers a solution when big distances should be covered in the huge factory halls. These overhead cranes load for example the traverse or AGV's. The challenge is that these overhead cranes should be positioned exactly above the traverser, because otherwise the materials can not be unloaded and the production will be stopped.

Sender- and receiver photoelectric sensors for a reliable detection above the traverser

Applying sender & receiver photoelectric sensors provide the solution here. The sender photoelectric sensor is placed on the traverser or AGV and on the overhead crane a receiver photoelectric sensor is installed. If the overhead crane recognizes the sender photoelectric sensor, it will stop exactly above the traverser/AGV and the product with for example concrete can then be unloaded.

The SMR 8520 MG J and SMT 8000 MG J are the ideal solution here. The powerful Telco photoelectric sensors do not suffer from pollution in this production environment. These sender & receiver photoelectric senso from Telco Sensors have a big range up to 20m. That is why the sensors can even be applied when the distance between the overhead cranes is bigger. The sensors have an IP67 protection degree. The sensor also has a potentiometer with which the sensistivity of the sensor could be adjusted to the demands of the application.

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