Positioning traverser

A LASE laser sensor is suited to operate in a robust environment. This sensor is installed somewhere on the side of a production hall to then monitor the position of the traverser.
Positioning Traversing Cart LASE

Positioning of the traverser in a robus environment

It is important that a qualitative good endproduct is delivered in the factories. For that, the traverser should be positioned in the right spot at all times. The lanes the traverser rides over are up to 250 meters long. Furthermore they work in a robust environment with a lot of dust. With deviations of more than 1 mm the product is directly disapproved.

Constantly monitoring of the traverser with an industrial distance laser

The solution for this, is the inspection by a laser sensor.This laser watches from the side to the traverser so operating outside the production environment and therefore the production is not disturbed by the laser. The laser is pointed to a targetboard on the traverser causing the PLC to always know where the traverser is positioned and which actions should be controlled.

The LASE 1000/R is an industrial distance laser which functions as an excellent solution for this application. The distance laser has a range up to 800 meters on a reflector and can therefore easiliy be placed outside the production environment. The LASE 1000/R excercises safe TOF measurements of the traverser which is positioned on the 250 meter long rails. Multiple interfaces are possible to communicate with, so the sensor is apllicable in the most existing systems.

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