Process optimization of companies with SmartMONITOR

SmartMONITOR from Werma is an innovative solution to monitor all machines and work stations of industrial companies from 1 central system and thereby optimizing processes of companies.
SmartMonitor applicatie

LEAN the solution for optimizing production processes

Industrial companies run productie in factories or industry halls. These halls consist of old and new machines and work stations, often distributed over a very large area. It is a challenge to function the complete machinery effective and efficient. To optimize production processes it is necessary to minimize waste and to strive an optimal use of the machinery. This is the LEAN thought. This is more and more important within firms, with as purpose to compete in the current market. The ultimate goal is to create production processes without waste and/or downtime.

LEAN existing retrofit machinery 

The machinery of our customers often consists of a collection of modern and dated machines. With the LEAN-manufacturing or LEAN production philosophy, managers are working to counter waste and achieve the optimal yield of machines. Starting points of projects are for example to many rejections and defects, long waiting times, overproduction, too high supplies, etc.

To achieve the optimal production and minimum waste and/or downtime, customers choose to work with SmartMONITOR. Essential here is that modern as well as more outdated machines are bundled in 1 application. Therefore SmartMONITOR is easy to add to existing machines with a retrofit receiver.  

SmartMONITOR to realize minimum downtime

SmartMONITOR from Werma is an innovative solution to monitor all machines and work stations via 1 central system. It works with signalling where all relevant data of every individual machine and work station is sent radiographically to the central work station. Alle machines and work station are equipped with signal towers with a retrofit data transmitter connected to it. All data of the concerning machine or work station is sent to a data receiver to then be sent and saved in the central work station which the SmartMONITOR runs software on.  

Analyzing all data with SmartMonitor in 1 clear overview

A clear overview arises by collecting alle data on one central work station. This overview results in full transparency of the situation of all production processes on the work floor. Moreover, the software can be downloaded for free on a PC or computer and after been set up it is easy and fast to use. The collected data can be converted by means of analyzes, in results and overviews of the production processes. With this, conclusions and improvements can be implemented. Questions regarding the machines and work stations which are answered by the software of SmartMonitor are for example: 

  • Where are hidden improvements in the production process? 
  • What was the up time of the machine? 
  • Why does machine A more production than machine B? 
  • How long does it take before a disrupted production process is restarted? 
  • Identifying bottlenecks in the supply lines, are there enough parts available to produce?  

Solving disruptions in combination with KombiSIGN signal towers

Besides providing insights, SmartMONITOR also helps the operators and supervisors on the work floor. The signal towers from Werma clearly provide the status of a machine or work station. This way, a disruption is noticed quick and an employee is then alarmed to solve this right away. The uptime of machine can thus be maximized and critical situations can be tackeled easy and fast.  

The KombiSIGN 71 & 72 signal towers are made in a way that these are compatible with data transmitter. These signal towers are fully modular, tuned on the demands and wishes in the application. Furthermore, a disticintion can be made in the color(s), light effect, integrated buzzer and the mounting of the signal towers.  

Establish KPI's to reach goals as a company

The end goal of implementing a LEAN-solution such as SmartMONITOR is the improvement and optimization of production processes in factories or industry halls. For every company it is possible to use various KPI's (Key Performance Indicator). Think of a reduction of the downtime with X% or the increase of the output with Y%. SmartMONITOR is the solution that makes it possible to achieve these goals! 

For more information a about SmartMONITOR or signal towerds from Werma Contact can be made with one of our experts! 

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