Profile measurement of parts in the coating process

The SS02 is a high-performance light grid suited for an accurate and reliable profile measurement of parts and semi-finished products during the coating process. This way, overtime and misproduction is prevented.

Powder coating of metal parts. A woman in a protective suit sprays white powder paint from a gun on metal products.

Applying a correct and homogeneous layer of coating on parts and semi-finished products

A paint booth is used for painting and coating of parts and semi-finished products such as metal beams and tubes, but also car parts. It is important that this layer of coating is applied on the right spots and homogeneously on the parts. This way you prevent overtime and misproduction.

The solution is the installation of a light beam which carries out a profile measurement on the parts before these go into the paint booth. The light beam then calculates where the layer of coating should be applied. This way the coating will be correctly applied without a complicated manual configuration or a preprogrammed series of processes. The result is a flexible and efficient process without too much waste.

The SS02 is a reliable light grid in the coating process

The SS02 series from Telco Sensors is a high performance light beam which is capable of performing an accurate and reliable profile measurement of parts and semi-finished products in the coating process. These light grids have a firm IP67 housing which makes them usable in challenging environments. The light grids will remain reliable despite of chemical fabrics in the paint. Moreover, environmental factors such as water, dust accumulation, smoke and dirt are no obstacle here.

Furthermore big parts can also be easiliy detected beacuse of the range of the light grids of up to 10 meter. A choice can be made between profile heights up to 1980 mm, depending of the demands in the particular applications. The SS02 communicates via a RS-458 interface. The SS02 has a 2-wire analog output (0 - 10 V or 4 - 20 mA) and up to a maximum of 4 digital outputs. It is if desired also possible to send out a IO-Link output by connecting the light beam to a IO-Link module.

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