Security of animal enclosures

The HST trapped key interlock systems from Haake are used to get safe access to dangerous environments in the animal enclosures. This way, employees are always able to carry out their work and visitors should not have to fear for stray animals.


Safe environment for employees and visitors

There are animals living in zoos who could cause harm to employees and visitors. It is important that the security of these animal enclosures is guaranteed. So the zookeeper is only allowed to open door when the lions are in their cage. If this is not the case, it could lead to severe accidents.

Door interlock combined with a key exchange station

The HST trapped key interlock systems of Haake are applied to have a safe access to dangerous environments near machines or in specific areas. In the animal enclosure a door interlock is attached on the existing door of the animal enclosure. It is provided with an interlock where a key is released when the door is closed. With this key a zookeeper can go to a key exchange station where the key of the day enclosure is present. This key will only be available after the other key is locked. This way, the zookeeper will never be in the same room as the animal and you will be assured of a good security of the animal enclosures.

It is possible to set up multiple keys to one key exchange station. Think of the situation where multiple cages are present in one enclosure. Only when the keys of all cages are back in the interlock of the key exchange station, will the last key be available to lock the room or open the day enclosure.

The interlocks are available for people in full body access or partial body access. This depends on the application, so if it is a door or a smaller enclosure. A risk assessment must reveal what is necessary. Also a distinction can be made in the mounting and the position of the interlock, adjusted to the application.

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