Temperature measurements asphalt laying

To ensure that the asphalt laying process runs as smoothly as possible, temperature sensors can be used to monitor the temperature of the asphalt and thereby preventing a weak road surface.
Temperature measurement in road asphalting

Temperature monitoring during the asphalting process

When asphalting the road it is important to carry out temperature measurements both before as well as after after asphalt is laid. The asphalt needs to be compressed while it is still hot enough, otherwise it can lead to a weak road surface. The asphalt will be controlled for temperature before it is laid, so that an estimation of the available time for compacting the asphalt can be made. So a correct tradeoff should be made of which temperature sensors are most suited for this application.

i-Tec E-series suited for monitoring the temperature

The i-Tec E series temperature sensor is well suited for monitoring the asphalt temperature. For this application, a sensor with a 15: 1 optic is best suited, so that a small measuring surface will be measured and not for example another metal in the vehicle. This can interrupt an optimal measurement. The best temperature for laying the asphalt is between the 95°C and 190°C. When you want to save the temperature measurements in a database, because you want to monitor the ideal temperature for the asphalt process, the i-Tec mini serie is a right option.

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