Temperature measurement of car paint drying process

With a temperature sensor it is possible to monitor the temperature fro the drying process of car paint and thereby guaranteeing the quality of the coating process.
Car paint drying process

Quality of the coating process when car paint is drying

During the drying process of car painting the quality of the coatingprocess is very important. This quality depends on the temperature cycle of the drying process. Contactless temperature sensors are a suitable solution , because they perform a temperature measurement before drying to keep control of the quality of this process.

i-Tec mini for a reliable measurement on the surface of the painted cars

The i-Tec Mini series provides precise direct measurement of the surface temperature. The result is a reduction in the amount of rework and this ultimately leads to a more efficient process and less quality loss. The sensor can handle environments with temperatures up to 180°C without being actively cooled. In addition, the optional touchscreen display provides real-time display of the measured temperature, as well as settings for emissivity correction and alarm relays.

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