Temperature measurement during the production of cardboard

To prevent that during the complex production process, the cardboard sheets are not glued well to each other or they are warping, the temperature sensors can monitor the temperature during the entire cardboard process.

Temperature measurements during cardboard production with i-TecMiniBus

Temperature monitoring during the production process of cardboard

The production of cardboard is an complicated process at which monitoring of the temperature is of essential importance, otherwise causing the sheets to be not glued well or the sheets could be warped. So in the entire process temperature measurements have to be carried out to ensure the best quality of the cardboards.

The pyrometers can reliably detect despite the high ambient temperatures

This involves using temperature sensors of Sensor Partners. For this application you can use the i-Tec MiniBus system. This is a pyrometer to which 6 sensor could be installed. In the entire production line of cardboard, up to 20 or 30 sensors are used.

The temperature in some places in the production line can rise up to 100°C. The temperature sensor of the iTec MiniBus works excellent with these high ambient temperatures. The touch-screen module of this system shows the measured temperature, the configuration and the time/dates at all times during the process. An Alarm-relais output could be connected to ring an alarm when the temperature is too low. The sensor is therefore totally configurable to the demands of your application.

The sensor could be provided with a display causing the operator to be informed of the actual temperatures during the entire process. In this way, he can adjust things during the production of cardboard if necessary.

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