Temperature measurement of metals

During the production process of metals the work is carried out at very high temperatures. With a heat-resistent temperature sensor it is possible to accurately monitor the temperature during the process.

Temperature measurement of metals

Optimization and safety during temperature monitoring of metals

Continuously monitoring of the temperature in the entire production process of metals provides using contactless temperature sensors both for optimization as well as for the safety of the process. The temperature measurement of metals takes place in challenging environments with very high temperatures, so a tradeoff should be made what the most suited temperature sensor is for this application

Temperature sensors deployable in challenging environments

The i-Tec USB2 of i-Tec USB serie or the FibreMini are suited for measuring in these challenging environments. Think of forming induction hardening and maintenance of metals, where temperatures up to 2000 degrees are measured. The sensors named above monitor the temperature to then save the data to prevent mistakes in the production process. Moreover the downtime will be prevented. Money, time and raw materials are spared.

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