Temperature measurement of plastic for thermoforming

During the themorforming process, the shaping of plastic into a useful end product, temperature sensors can monitor whether the plastic is hot enough to start with the thermoforming process.

Temperature measurement plastic plates thermoforming

Monitoring the temperature when forming plastic into an useful end product

Thermoforming of plastic sheets ensures plastic can be formed to an useful endproduct. It is very important that the plastic sheets are hot enough so the thermoforming process can take place, so a temperature measurement of plastic for thermoforming has to be performed. That is why a correct tradeoff should be made what the most suited temperature sensor is.

The heat resistent pyrometer precisely measures the moment the plastic is hot enough

The i-Tec Mini measures in almost every case when the sheet is hot enough to be formed. The sensor is resistant to a high ambient temperature (max 180°C) and means that the sensor can be placed close to the heated elements for an optimal measurement. For measurements with an even higher ambient temperature a water-cooling option has to be taken into account. For example with the i-Tec Cube S or the i-Tec USB8. Also with a high-temperature head this can be solved with the i-Tec FibreMini.

When very thin sheets (<1mm) need to be formed which have a too low emissivity and no reliable measurement can be performed, the i-Tec Cube P is the right solution.All these measurements are used to increase the production speed and to spare energy costs. Read more

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