Temperature measurement of thin plastic materials

The i-Tec Cube is a temperature sensor suited for monitoring the temperature of thin plastic materials. The materials can be reliably measured at high speeds with the heat-resistent sensor.
Chemical production of the bopp film. Film extrusion. Production of a stretch film of granular low density polyethylene. flat-slit technology.

For many sensors it is a big challenge to perform the temperature measurement of thin plastic materials. Think of materials such as polyamide, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, PVC, acrylic, etc. These materials are often paper thin and furthermore need to be measured in high speed. An additional factor is that these processes are carried out using high temperatures.  

the importance of a temperature measurement of thin plastic materials

The temperature determines the color, the way it shrinks, the quality of the plastic or the appearance of the end product. To achieve a correct end product it is important that the process can be adjusted. To be able to adjust the process, the temperature should be measured.

Temperature sensor from Sensor Partners

With the temperature sensor from the i-Tec Cube series of Sensor Partners, the temperature is monitored. The i-Tec Cube series can be installed in-line. Specifically for a temperature measurement on thin plastic materials the P model of the series in developed. Because of the 10 ms response time the sensor is capable of measuring the thin plastic materials in a fast and reliable way. The temperature range of the sensor is 120°C - 350°C. Temperatures under 120°C can be measured, but at cost of the reliability. The sensor can easily communicate with an analog (4-20 mA) output. The red LED indication makes it possible to show the position and the size of the measurable surface.  

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