Counting transparent plastic lids

Because stacked transparent lids often are close to each other it is challenging to detect these one by one. With the edge detection sensor from our product range you are able to accurately count these stacks with transparent lids.

Counting stacked plastic lids is complex because of the high transparency

Transparent plastic lids are often produced in big amounts and stacked on top of each other. However how many lids are exactly on one pile? Because the plastic lids are close to each other, it is for many sensors a challenge to detect every lid. The transparent characteristic doesn't make it easier. Many sensors are not capable of performing a reliable count. With an edge detection sensor this is possible. The transparent plastic lids can be counted in a reliable way.

Reliable detection of stacked lids with a edge detection sensor

The solution here is a RED-110 edge detection sensor which is a laser sensor that is suitable for counting transparent plastic lids and packages, such as boxes. The working distance of these sensors is optimal at 110 mm. These sensors have a very reliable result and a high measuring frequency, up to 100 kHz. Because of this, the sensor can be deployed in very fast production lines. The RED sensors are furthermore available with a point- or line optic. The sensor are delivered including software.

To operate well in a production environment, the RED edge detection sensor is equipped with different functions. These make sure of a robust measurement, think of:

  • dirt compensation
  • ambient light compensation
  • automatic adjustment of the laser with changing detection surfaces.
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