Turbidity control of water

A contrast sensor can be used for carrying out a turbidity control of cleaning water, which after a while will get cloudier because of bacteria, dust, fats, etc. which start piling up in the water.

Turbidity control application

Checking cleaning systems for turbidity

In cleaning systems water is often used in combination with chemicals. The cleaning water will start to get more cloudier over time. This is caused when bacteria, dirt, fats, etc. accumulate in the water. Cloudy water has a negative effect on the water and so on cleaning effective and hygienic. This is solved by monitoring the cleaning water by performing a turbidity control. A colour/contrast sensor from Sensor Instruments is capable of constantly monitoring the turbidity of the water.

Infrared light in a sensor to monitor the turbidity

The SPECTRO-1-50-FCL-IR is a sensor from Sensor Instruments which is suited for carrying out a turbidity control of cleaning water. The sensor has an integrated focus optic in combination with an infrared light. The infrared light is reflected by all particles in the cleaning water and the signal that is intercepted by the receiver is proportional to the turbidity level in the water.

The sensor has furthermore a range of 20 mm up to 150 mm, with a high switching frequency up to 60 kHz, with a RS232 interface and is carried out with 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 1 analog output.

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