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Vehicle detection in parking lot

With ultrasonic sensors or radar sensors, it is possible to detect vehicles to indicate whether a parking space is full or empty in a garage. This is transmitted to the central system which then indicates how many spaces are still free in the garage. This creates a smoother flow in the garages and in the city.
Vehicle detection Parking Spot

Presence detection of vehicles for faster flow through of traffic

It is important that an efficient and fast flow through of traffic is realised in (big) cities. Think of the search time for a parking spot which should not take too long. Everywhere spread in the city you see P-signs with an number on a display which indicates the free spaces in the parking garage. Sometimes these free places are indicated using the words Free or Full. This prevents crowds and unnecessary pollution in the cities, because people think there are free parking spots when this is not the case. This is is realized by performing a vehicle detection in a parking lot the moment someone has parked its vehicle in a free spot. This is then passed on to the system. In this way, availability in the parking garage can be communicated.

Ultrasonic sensors for vehicle detection in a parking lot

The lcs+ 340/F/A is an ultrasonic sensor from microsonic in a compact squared housing suited to detect a vehicle in a parking spot. Because of the compact housing makes it easy to built-in the sensor on top of the parking spot without this is at the expense of much space. Furthermore, the sensors features temperature compensation which makes the sensor (fully) insensitive to temperature changes in the parking garages. The sensor can also be applied in outdoor applications. The IP67 protection degree offers protection against the harsh conditions the sensor has to deal with. This sensor finally uses an IO-Link interface, with which all sensors in the parking garage can communicate with each other. The IO-Link are easier and faster to set up, configure and monitor from within 1 central system.

Radar sensors for vehicle detection in parking lot

The SpaceMotion from Telco sensors is a doppler radar sensor which is suited to detect movements in a defined area. It is suitable for performing a detection if a vehicle parks in a parking spot. With the use of micro waves and because of the compact housing is this sensor suitable to be placed behind a plastic wall. In this way they are mounted completely out of sight. This often is used as an OEM solution which is only interesting if a bigger amount of parking spaces is to be provided with a sensor. So when building a big parking garage these radar sensors are a very suitable solution. the use of microwaves and the compact housing, this sensor is suitable for placement behind a plastic wall. This makes it completely out of sight. This is often an OEM solution that is only interesting if a larger number of parking spaces need to be equipped with a sensor. When building large parking garages, radar sensors are a very suitable solution.

The range of the radar sensor is classified in 'low speed' and 'high speed' for fast and slow moving objects. The distance classification of these zones, but also the maximum range of the sensor itself is adjustable from 0 to 100% and background suppression can also be set to filter out continuous motion objects. For example passing vehicles.

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