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Visualising leaks in compressed air systems

An industrial acoustic imaging camera from FLIR, working via ultrasonic sounds, is suited for real-time visualization of potential leaks in compressed air systems.
Si 124 application

Timely detection of leaks in compressed air systems

In factories, compressed air systems count as one of the highest electrical cost items. The replacement of these systems because leaks are not solved quick enough results in unnecessary extra costs. Therefore it is important to detect compressed air leaks as soon as possible. However the visualisation of leaks in compressed air systems are complicated to carry out using traditional methods, such as with a soap bubble test. This method takes a lot of time and resultts in longer downtime of your equipment.

Displaying leaks in real-time using ultrasonic sound

The most leaks will create turbulence, which then creates an ultrasonic sound. An acoustic imaging camera is capable to recognize to the source of ultrasonic sound and then displaying a leak in real-time on a visual shot image. By detecting the source of the sound with an acoustic camera it will be possible to decrease the inspection time significantly. Moreover, operators can scan large areas fast and from a safe distance searching for compressed air leaks or other potential dangers without having to shut down the process. An acoustic camera is capable to interpret the meaning of different ultrasonic sounds. This way, it will be possible for operators to localize the exact sources of leaks.

Visualising leaks with an industrial acoustic imaging camera

The FLIR Si124 is an industrial acoustic imaging camera and is suited for the visualisation of leaks in compressed air systems. The measurement is carried out by 124 low-noise MEMS-microphones. These microphones will track down the ultrasonic sound, then performing a real-time visualisation of the exact location of the leak visible over the visual image. The ultrasonic information can be visibly displayed up to a range of 130 meter. The FLIR Si124 is equipped with the FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer-cloudservice. With this, images can be automatically stored in the cloud directly after they have been captured with the camera. This way, everything is retrievable to optionally carrying out analyses or to classify problems. The FLIR Si124 is thus a convenient measuring instrument to perform maintenance routines on a regular basis to solve potential leaks and thus save on costs and significantly decrease downtime.

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