Edge guiding sensors

There are a couple of reliable sensor solutions available for arranging the edge guiding, the process where the correct position and course of packaging materials should be dealt with to prevent damage to materials.

Edge guiding sensors

The position of materials in a packaging process

In the packaging industry materials such as films, paper, metal sheets or textiles are led through the packaging process. It is important to continuously monitor the position of the material. Then the machine control ensures that the material is not fed outside of desirable course margins. This process is called web edge controlling. When the material flows out, the machine control controls the (servo) motors in order to get the course of the material back into the correct position. This is essential to ensure that materials do not come off the transport roll and become damaged, when winding materials consistently, or when accurately controlling a cutting position. Damage can lead to unnecessary costs and delays in the production process.

To prevent this ultrasonic sensors or distance lasers can be mounted in the production process. During the whole process the sensors mounted above the loops of materials can be detected and checked if they are correctly positioned and there are no shifts or damages to the materials. It is possible to position multiple sensors to ensure the perfect control of the production process. It is also a possibility to set up a fork sensor on the side of the material. This fork sensor is capable to detect damages and shifts of materials with high transparancy in a reliable way.

Reliable sensors for web edge controlling

The bks- and bks+ series from microsonic are ultrasonic sensors in fork housing and they are a reliable and accurate solution for controlling the web edge of materials in the packaging industry. Depending on the wishes in the application there is a broad choice in the range of the fork sensor. The bks+ is set up in advance and ready to use. It is possible to configure these sensors via LinkControl. IO-link interface.

The pico+35/WK/U is a M18 ultrasonic sensor suited for performing the web edge controlling of materials in the packaging industry. The sensor is very compact (length of only 41 mm) and makes it easy to build in the sensor in the packinging machine. The sensor has a right-angled sensor head. There is also a model available with a axial sensor head pico+35/U if this is desired. This sensor has furthermore a range of 65 mm up to 600 mm and a 0 - 10 V analog output. Lastly the desired values for the pico+ sensors can be set up with LinkControl.

Finally, the LAM 5.13 is a distance laser which is also capable to perform the web edge controlling of materials in the packaging industry. The sensor has a range of 5 meter, a PNP digital output and a 4 - 20 mA analog output. With the Teach-in button the desired values are easiliy installed. The visible laser spot makes it easy to outline the detectable object.   

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