Weld detection on canned tin

Canned tin often have a gloss surface which makes it difficult to detect with regular sensors. With a contrast sensor or an edge detection sensor it is possible to carry out a detection of welds on canned tin.

Positioning of welds on canned tins

A canned tin is equipped with a weld to attach two parts to each other. This weld needs to be detected. In this way, you can know how the tin is positioned. Because of the glossy surface of the canned tins, it is too challenging for some sensors to perform a reliable detection of the welding line. For this, a contrast sensor can be used, which is capable of carrying out a detection on a canned tin. Besides this an edge detection sensor can also be used for the welding detection on canned tin.

Contrast sensor or edge detection sensor for a reliable detection of welds

The SPECTRO-1-FIO-UVC/UVC is a contrast sensor which is in combination with a fiber optic capable to perform a welding detection on canned tin. The distance of the fiber optic to welding line is approximately 8 mm and the spot size is 5 mm. By using a Fiber optic the measurement can take place in a very small space. Our experts gladly help you to get more information or with searching for the appropriate fiber for your application. The optic of the emitter is located in the middle of the optic of the receiver. This saves space and gives a fast, reliable detection of the welding lines.

Another solution is the RED-110 edge detection sensor, which is a laser sensor that is suitable for a welding detection on canned tin. The working distance of these sensors is optimal at 110 mm. These sensors furthermore provide a very reliable result and have a high scan frequency, up to 100 kHz. In this way, the sensor can be applied in very fast production lines. The RED sensors are besides that available with a point- or line optic. The sensors are also delivered including software.

To operate well in a production environment, the RED edge detection sensor is equipped with different functions. These make sure of a robust measurement, think of:

  • dirt compensation
  • ambient light compensation
  • automatic adjustment of the laser to the different measurement surfaces of the application.
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