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The IoT Sensors from our range are from El-Watch SA. El-Watch is a Tech company from Norway.
Like Sensor Partners, they enjoy working with customers to develop technical solutions that add value.

Partnering with El-Watch allows us to help our customers with solutions around predictable maintenance and the energy savings requirement by 2030. EL-Watch's robust wireless IoT sensors are ideal for gaining quick and easy insight to solve sustainability challenges based on measured data.

El-Watch's IoT sensors are based on the Neuron Sensor System. The Neuron Sensor System is a complete solution for industrial IoT monitoring, launched by El-Watch in 2019. Using advanced technology, industrial monitoring and predictable maintenance is more accessible than ever before. Abnormalities in industrial systems can be sensed the same way we feel pain in our own bodies? Imagine if they could treat weak parts of production before they cause real damage. That's what Neuron Sensors are for.