Since 1990, the company focuses on the development, production and innovation of ultrasonic sensors for the industrial automation. The constant growing product range proves the innovative strength of microsonic. The highest possible product quality is a top priority herein. Because of this, they are thé specialist in ultrasonic sensors.

microsonic, German manufacturer of ultrasonic sensors

microsonic is known for its innovative and high-quality sensors. The company invests heavily in research and development, and holds a number of patents in the field of ultrasonic sensor technology.

microsonic is a major player in the ultrasonic sensor market. The company supplies its products to customers in more than 50 countries. 

microsonic ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sound

For centuries, sound has been a valuable tool for both humans and animals, both as a carrier of information and a method of measurement. Bats use ultrasound to orient themselves in their environment, while dolphins use ultrasonic frequencies up to 120 kHz to locate schools of fish or objects underwater, and are even able to detect the heartbeat of other animals. One of the oldest techniques for measuring sound and recording its time is by counting the seconds between lightning and thunder to determine the distance to approaching thunder.

Microsonic's offerings

microsonic offers a wide range of ultrasonic sensors, including distance sensors, level sensors, web edge control and double sheet detection sensors. Microsonic's sensors are used in a wide range of applications, including:

microsonic sensor selector

Which ultrasonic sensor is right for your application? microsonic has developed a handy sensor selector. By answering a few questions you will get an easy overview of the available sensors.


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