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Sensor Instruments

Sensor Instruments is German developper that offers a wide range of innovative sensor solutions such as lasers and colour detection sensors for already 30 years.

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Customer-specific approach with the search to a solution

Sensor Instruments is established in 1992 as an developer and producer of special sensors. In the beginning the focus was on a single sector which is now expanded into a company that offers innovative sensor solution in almost every sector. This succes is mainly become a reality because of the customer-specific approach in the search to solutions. This is consistent with the motto of Sensor Instruments; 'Let's make sensors more individual'.

The attention for the problem of the customer combined with the ideas and experiences of employees from Sensor Instruments leads to design of unique sensor systems and customized measuring instruments for all customers.

Highest product quality and sustainability

With all decision made by Sensor Instruments the highest product quality and sustainability are central. This is realized by continuous proces optimization. During the entire production process quality checks are carried out so that a perfect and reliable end product will be delivered.

The wide range of sensor solutions from Sensor Instruments

Sensor instruments offers a wide range of laser sensor and opto-electronical sensors in the IR-, visible and UV-range. The sensors are used for the measurement of values such as distance, thickness, position, colour, gloss, density, contrast, fluorescence and polarisation in hundreds of different applications.

Example of applications are: