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Telco Sensors

Telco Sensors is a Danish developer and manufacturer of a wide range of photoelectric sensors and amplifiers, light grids and photoelectric fork and frame sensors.

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Sensor Partners distributes Telco Sensors®

Sensor Partners, as a distributor for Telco Sensors, advises and supports customers in the use of photoelectric sensors. Together with our customers we realise the most challenging applications every year, again and again. We are also at your service for special versions or customer-specific configurations of sensors. Telco Sensors is known for manufacturing the world's most powerful photo electric sensors and light grids for the industrial automation and access technology.

Easy installing
Alignment is not necessary which makes installing Telco Sensors is easy. 
High immunity for external light
Telco Sensors have a high immunity for direct incidence of external light.
Optical power
Telco sensors are so powerful that it can operate and detect through dirt build-up as thick as a finger.
Telco sensors are waterproof and in some versions even possible to clean (chemically) with high pressure (IP69K).
Shock- and vibration-proof
The Telco sensors are resistant to heavy shocks and vibrations. The operation and the lifetime are not affected by this.

Versatile light curtains

The light curtains from the various SpaceGuard series all bring together the concepts of robust, compact and high-performance technology into a capable solution. Where one series focuses on use in elevator doors, another series is an outlier in wider sliding gates. These series of light curtains are concepts in access technology.

The measuring light displays of the SpaceScan series are primarily used for industrial automation. These range from simply detecting products over an infeed conveyor to performing complex profile measurements. Typical applications for these light curtains include monitoring cars in a car wash or inspecting metal components over a conveyor belt.

A photocell for your application

Telco Sensors' photocells also have real versatility in addition to the brand's five general pillars. This shows in the various series that consist of photocells in the following versions:

  • Transmitter and receiver (thru-beam)
  • Probe photocells (diffuse proximity)
  • Photoelectric sensors with background suppression
  • Reflector photocells (standard and polarized)
  • Amplified photoelectric sensors
  • Frame sensors
  • Fork sensors

Within these types of photocells, there is also a rich selection of options within relevant specifications such as connections, (switching) outputs, measurement and detection ranges, switching frequency and special features such as ECOLAB and ATEX certifications or chemical resistance.