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Vision Partners has over 25 years of experience in providing industrial machine vision components and turn-key customer-specific solutions for industrial automation applications. Through Vision Partners' experience in various industries, they have accumulated knowledge to implement a wide variety of non-contact measurement & image capture systems with the latest inspection technologies.
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The independent machine vision integrator

Vision Partners is a leading integrator of customer-specific machine vision solutions for production automation.Its expertise lies in developing customer-oriented camera inspection systems that reliably ensure the quality of our customers' product.

We share our location in Drunen with Vision Partners, partly because of this this is a machine vision partner we work closely with.

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Machine Vision Solutions

Vision Partners' solutions include thermal image inspection and thermography, allowing us to reveal features not normally visible. In addition, we offer accurate 3D Machine Vision solutions for product measurement, hyperspectral imaging in the SWIR spectrum for chemical analysis in the food industry, surface inspection using machine vision and neural networks, customer-specific product classification with artificial intelligence, and packaging control, including seal inspection and label inspection. In addition, we offer high-speed visualization and recording solutions with suitable cameras for various applications.

Member of the Dutch Packaging Center

Vision Partners is member of the Dutch Packaging Center where they provide knowledge regarding machine vision, thermographics, (dynamic) label inspection and leak detection in order to develop better and more sustainable packaging processes.

LED2WORK lighting fixture distributor

Vision Partners is distributor for the lighting fixtures of LED2WORK. These LED fixtures are distinguished by high German quality and finish and are designed for use in machine applications (such as CNC machines), industrial workshops and for use in food, beverage and pharma industries. 

MVTec Certified Partner

Vision Partners works closely with MVTec to develop customer-oriented innovative and challenging machine vision applications in HALCON. MVTec, welcomed Vision Partners on February 1, 2019 in the exclusive “Machine vision circle of excellence”. Vision Partners is one of the few Dutch machine vision integrators selected based on the skills to create high-quality and challenging machine vision applications in an excellent way.

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