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Manufacturer of laser modules and systems

Z-Laser is a German manufacturer of laser modules and systems for positioning purposes, machine vision, laser projectors and customer-specfic laser solutions (OEM). Since the founding in 1985 the company invests in the development of its laser technology. This results in very decent and state of the art German products of high quality.

The decades of experience in combination with the continuous research and development has made sure that Z-Laser has a wide range of lasers which are capable to solve almost all applications of customers. From the beginning, in cooperation with the customers, there have been developed lasers which meet the demands and wishes of the issue of the customer.

Only the customer decides quality at Z-Laser

The policy of Z-Laser is voor mainly focused on the search for customer-oriented laser solutions. Quality of the solution is central here. Only the customer decides what quality is. Z-Laser is then helping by sharing their knowledge and skills in the search for solutions. "Quality is when the customer returns, and not the laser."

A wide range of laser solutions

Z-Laser offers a wide range of laser solutions, such as laser curtains, edge detection sensors, displacement sensors, laser projectors and positioning lasers.

Application where the sensors offer a solution for laser issues are for example: