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In this disclaimer, made available by Sensor Partners, we declare under which reserves we provide the information on our website:

Intellectual property
The use of information on this website is free as long as you do not copy, distribute or use and misuse it in any other way. You can only reproduce the information on this website in accordance with the mandatory law. It is not allowed to reproduce text, images and other materials on this website without the explicit and written permission of Sensor Partners. The intellectual property belongs to Sensor Partners.

No guarantee of correctness
We strive for an as diligent as possible depiction of our prices and information about products and applications. Mistakes and errors that occur are recognized as mistakes in programming, interpretation, translation and typing and never form a cause or basis to claim or assume an agreement or contract with Sensor Partners. Sensor Partners strives for a website that is as actual as possible. If, despite all efforts, the information and/or content on this website is incorrect, we cannot be subjected to any responsibility or liability linked to this. The information and/or products on this website are provided without any form of guarantee and/or liability on correctness. We preserve our right to adjust, delete or replace materials without any announcement beforehand. Sensor Partners is not responsible or liable for any information to which we refer through hyperlinks.

If this disclaimer has undergone a change, the most recent one can be found here.