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Need help installing sensors? Take advantage of our installation service!

When purchasing new sensors, thermal camera or laser projector, it is often necessary to install them (yourself). This can be a challenge for some companies, especially when it comes to complex equipment or installations. In that case, on-site installation assistance be a good solution.

installation service

Sensor installation on site by experienced specialist

On-site installation assistance is a service where one of our specialists comes to your business to help install new sensors, thermal camera or a laser projector. The specialist has the knowledge and experience to get the installation done quickly and professionally.

The benefits of installation service

There are a number of advantages to on-site installation assistance:

  • You do not need any technical knowledge. The specialist ensures that the installation is done correctly.
  • Installation is faster and more efficient. The expert has the right tools and knowledge to get the installation done quickly and professionally.
  • You will receive a warranty on the installation. You are guaranteed that the installation will be done correctly.

When do you choose installation help?

On-site installation assistance is needed when you do not have the time or technical knowledge and experience to perform the installation yourself. This may be the case, for example:

  • The desire for relief from the customer.
  • Sensors, thermal camera`s or laser projectors that need to be placed in a hard-to-reach space or at height.
  • Measuring instruments or software that specific requirements for the installation.

Why Sensor Partners?

We have the sensors for your application

Whatever your application, with our sensors and thermographic products we have the solution for you. What you do not yet what can help you? Our specialists are at your service!

We have the knowledge about your sensors

How do I install a sensor? What do I use which sensor for? Learning how a thermal imaging camera works? We are here for you! 

We supply your sensors

Fast and reliable worldwide* delivery, whether you order by phone or online in our webshop. Your request will be handled with attention.

Help with sensor installation

Installing sensors can be a complex task, but with the right help, it becomes a lot easier. Our specialists can guide you in choosing the right sensors, determine the best locations for installation and take care of the technical aspects of the installation. This ensures not only a trouble-free implementation, but also the optimal performance of your sensors, which is crucial for reliable data collection and analysis. 

Thermal camera installation help

Our thermography specialists are happy to assist you in the proper implementation of your thermal imaging solution. They can help you choose the right thermal camera, identify the optimal mounting locations and take care of the technical aspects of the installation.

Assembly and installation at laser projectors

Laser projectors often require very precise positioning to achieve the desired projection area. Professional help can ensure that the projector is mounted in the right place and aimed at the right angle to ensure a sharp, clear projection.

Laser projectors are investments, and installing them correctly ensures that they perform optimally and last a long time. This minimizes the need for costly repairs or replacements.